10x YOUR BUSINESS by Google Traffic


Dominating Google 1st page for the service or product YOU provide.

You have the best service in town.

You sell the best product in town.


Are they alone made up a successful business?

The key to success is: you Exist when people search for the product or service you OFFER.

Nowadays, just admit it, even your kids, when we encounter any problem; we all take out our smartphones and GOOGLE it.

Imagine, every month, there are 1000 people searching for your service/product on Google.

Will it make a big JUMP for your business?

if you just stand there in front of these thousand people when they need you most?

Our 3 steps process below will turn YOU into your competitors’ worst nightmare.

I am also a business owner.

So you and I, we both know too well that having more customers is our top priority.

I started an online business, which is selling products through referral since 2011.

I spent a lot of money advertising on Google Ads and paid traffic,

which was costly and did not do me any good for 3 months, after that I got to know the term Search Engine Optimization, generating free traffic from Google.

The idea is so appealing to me that I had an SEO agent taking care of my website.


5 months went by with lots of promises my page is nowhere to be found on the first page


I did not get any traffic to my business even I was willing to invest, to make my day even worse.

My site got penalized by Google because the agent conducted something called: Black Hat SEO.

I was depressed but I realized a huge opportunity in this industry.

It is too big of a RISK to leave our life creation in others’ hands,


that is why I wanted to master Search Engine algorithm myself since 2012.

Local Peaked was founded with the idea of being every business owners’ partner.

We always strive to provide the best possible service to our partners

as well as become their TRUSTED Internet Media expert.

Google is a business selling information, build up value and credibility in line with Google standards is key to my SEO techniques and knowledge.

Here is what it looks like

1. Improving business presence online:

A number of secure and reliable social profiles and citations are tailored for your business in the portion of the keyword (product or service) that we are going after.

2. Building Authority for the business:

We reach out to other high respected platforms, convince these trusted sites to talk and refer us to the public; this then helps to increase the business authority. Google favors this.

3. Laser personalized link building:

This is what sets us apart, this technique is called “Laser” because this creative approach to SEO that I came up with is so powerful that it penetrates even the thickest layer of Google’s screening.

My hard earned experiences conclude that Google is not as sophisticated as a human but it has a certain set of standards.

Matching these standards is key but it should never be manipulative.

Are you ready to get back in the race?

To dominate, the site must have so much credibility that Google put it up front and leave millions of competitors’ sites behind.

Once your business gets this kind of authority and credibility, it will constantly attract traffics


your business will soon explode.

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It may take Picasso five minutes to draw a $10k picture but it took him 40 years of practice.